Best Wines Of The Month Club

Best Wines Of The Month Club

Wine ClubCongratulations!  You have landed on a page that may change your lifestyle and or your financial life for the better.  Even if you do not currently enjoy wine, please hang on because I will show you how to make money with this offer for the Best Wines Of The Month Club.

This page is divided into three sections:

  • Invitation for non-wine lovers to start enjoying wine
  • Information for how wine-lovers can get imported fine wines for free
  • Information for everyone to make a good income promoting this wine club membership


Wine Is HealthyIf you are new to drinking wine there have been studies done which show many benefits.  Some are: Promotes Longevity, Reduces Heart-Attack Risk, Lowers Risk of Heart Disease, Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Lowers Risk of Stroke, Cuts Risk of Cataracts, Cuts Risk of Colon Cancer, Slows Brain Decline, Can Help You Sleep Better, and can help you lose weight.
 Note: These claims are not promoted by Direct Cellars.


Wine For DinnerThere are many occasions in which introducing fine wine can make a fun, rewarding and memorable experience.  Wine goes well with that special meal that you cook for your spouse.  Wine is always good when you bring some to parties.  You can also begin to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner every night. Here are some reasons that people in the USA drink wine: they like the taste, helps them relax, to socialize with friends, wine goes well with food, to socialize with family, for romance, health reasons, and wine helps them sleep.

You may not currently have a tradition in your household of enjoying fine wines, but you may want to start one that you can pass on to your children.  You decide when wine is appropriate. Then, just let it work its magic.


Two wine glasses and wine bottles on the wooden shelf.For wine-lovers, there is much more to learn and enjoy from partaking of the best wines available.  Decent quality wines have this crazy ability to transport you to the time (and place) they were made.   For some wine drinkers, this is the real difference between a good and a great wine.  During the process of fermentation, chemical processes occur that create aroma compounds. There are hundreds of these compounds found in wine.   When you learn how to taste, you not only improve your ability to identify quality wine, but it improves your ability to taste overall. Most experienced wine drinkers have much more sensitive palates than the average.  Flavor components in wine turbocharge the flavor for everything you eat.

Wine With FriendsWine lovers can turn a regular night into a cherished memory. People who love wine know how to make an ordinary night into an Event they will remember forever.  Even an everyday dinner with friends can be cause for a mini-indulgence in a nice bottle. Wine turns a regular meal into something to cherish; it is a way to cultivate an attitude of loving life.  Wine is sensual, pleasurable. It all starts through the nose: the bouquet. Although we drink wine and feel its texture through our palate, a large part of wine is truly about aromas.  With a trained nose, you can even smell out the wine’s age, region, assemblage, and how it was produced. It gives clues about what’s to come next when you sip it.

The old adage goes that variety is the Spice of life. Well you need look no further. There are hundreds of grape varieties worldwide. There are thousands of microregions and styles. Literally, you could try a bottle a day for a lifetime and never totally exhaust your options.  With each shipment of wine, you are going to receive their Connoisseurs Tasting Notes.  They have experienced and trained wine experts personally taste-testing each of their wines before hand picking the best monthly selections for you.  The best wines are sourced from the finest wineries across the US, and throughout the world, including France, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Germany just to name a few.  They have developed close relationships with wineries and distributors worldwide through their fulfillment allowing them to negotiate on your behalf, passing that savings on to their members.

Wine of the Month ClubDirect Cellars has the best wine of the month club for wine lovers.

  • Discover a New Wine Every Month
  • Without Confusing Wine Shopping
  • Without Leaving Your Home
  • Without Paying Retail Ever Again
  • Premium Wine Delivered to Your Door Each Month
  • Refer 3 Customers & Your Wine is FREE Each Month
  • Make Part-Time or Full-Time Income in the Compensation Plan


There are two compensation plans in which Direct Cellars considers you a Representative or REP.  One level is Premium Wine Lover Elite for which you get 12 bottles of the best wines, and the other is Premium Wine Lover, for which you get 4 bottles of the best wines.  For either level you can earn the Fast Start Bonus which means once you sponsor two people at your level then you recoup your membership fee.  Then as long as you have three people you sponsor who are receiving wine monthly, then your monthly wine is FREE.

Enjoy Wine - Earn Extra CashAs you can see, once you obtain those two goals, then all the other compensations are pure profit.  All Reps participate in the Direct Cellars Compensation plan, including sponsoring other Reps and receiving commissions and bonuses. Direct Cellars’ Reps also gain access to a personal website and a back-office site as part of their initial enrollment. Reps can also participate in the Three and Free customer reward program.

The second compensation reward is called Dual Team Pay.  You can earn a percentage of what each customer under you purchases up to 20%.  Each title that you earn as you sponsor Premium Wine Lovers will determine the percentage of their volume that you get.  The percentages start at 6% and range all the way to 20% when you reach the title of Master Cellar.  Please see the chart below:

Compensation Chart

Members ChartThe third compensation reward is Uni-Level 9 Pay where you can get paid between 2 to 10% of all volume within the first 9 levels of your organization. The fourth compensation reward is called Check Match Bonus.  You will earn a bonus on the Dual Team Pay of your first 4 levels.  There is unlimited width for the number of people you can sponsor on each level.

Do not worry if the compensation plan seems confusing as it was for me at first.  A wonderful and lovely lady explains it all and then it becomes easy to understand in the two-part videos below:


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Part one of two

Part two of two

Original YouTube Link – Direct Cellars Comp Plan 101

Wine Sells ItselfI hope that you are as excited as I am about this great opportunity to enjoy the best wines and earn a lucrative and weekly income at the same time.  If you watched the videos then by now you understand all the several ways that you can earn money in the compensation plan.  What is wonderful about this program is that everyone involved makes money.  You sponsor people and then they sponsor other people, and then on and on.  Everyone’s organization grows in this manner.  Remember, wine is a product that sells itself.  The best wines will have customers ordering again and again every month.

You might be wondering how and where you will find people to join this wine of the month club?  You can start by giving your link to your friends.  You could use your 12 bottles of wine and hold a wine tasting social with friends and family.  You may also share your link on social media via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, and Instagram.  In addition, you may write up a short ad and post it on one of the many free Classified ads sites:

There are many more sites that allow you to post ads for free; just Google them.  I give you these links because, of course I want you to succeed.  You will want the people that you sponsor to succeed also.  Everyone wins!

After you browse the Direct Cellars website, if you are still not sure that you want to join, then I suggest that you bookmark this page.  You may want to do more research on this program, as I did.  When you are ready to join, their website will ask you “who sent you?”.  Just tell them that “heartdaughter” sent you.  So, you see that they always honor their members by requiring that a sponsor gets credit for adding new members.

If you choose to join as a Rep then you can get paid in ALL of four ways:

  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Dual Team Pay
  • Unilevel Pay
  • Check Match Bonus

Here is another 2-minute video, one from Direct Cellars, that also explains the Compensation Plan:


Here is Direct Cellars’ “OPPORTUNITY” page which also explains how compensation works with beautiful illustrations.  You can leave the page open in a tab and come back here to finish this page.


Wine glassesI recommend that if you are looking to earn extra income, then choose to become a REP.  If you are a wine lover and just want to order wine then join as a customer.  You can order either 2 bottles or 4 bottles per month.  If you refer three customers then you get your wine for free.  You can always upgrade to becoming a REP at any time.  Please Go Here to explore the Direct Cellars Website and for more information.  Ready to JOIN?  Please CLICK HERE!

Love and WineWell, I hope you enjoyed discovering this great opportunity to enhance your lifestyle with the best wines and even earn a great income at the same time.  I suggest that you bookmark this page so that you may come back to it to review the information that I have presented for you.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at snet*(at)*  Of course, you use @ instead of *(at)*.  I will be more than happy to assist you in reaching your goals.